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Red sea, Egypt
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An exceptional dive is more than a dive performed safely on a magnificent site.

Indeed, before and after the dive, many parameters influence the quality and enjoyment of your dive.

Have you ever been disappointed during diving holidays ?

Have you already asked the following questions ?
  • Nobody seems to be available to greet me, where do I go ?
  • How can we dive together while we have children ?
  • Do I pay for excess baggage or can I trust in the rental equipment ?
  • What will be the actual amount of the invoice at the end of my diving experience ?
  • Is the check-dive at the start of the holidays a real requirement ?
  • Will my dive gear be stored safely ?

You could make a very long list of all these elements that create stress around your dive.

Wonderful Dive wants to get rid of all these concerns so that you can fully enjoy your dive.

Do not wait to discover on this site everything that we implement to do so.

Welcome Welcome