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Our dive centers are located between Quseir, Port Ghalib and Marsa Alam and offer many activities such as: shore dives, dives with the zodiac, boat trips for the day, excursions to mythical sites such as Elphinstone…

Our centres Wonderful Dive : Port Ghalib - Marina Resort & El Qseir - Rohanou.

We have the right place for you to arrive at Port Ghalib, near Marsa Alam, in our new center for prestations – where it is located. And today in our Rohanou d’El Quseir centre.

Dive the Red Sea...

On our House Reefs that deserve more than just a visit, where on other sites accessible by jeeps or boats. Go on an expedition?

Between coral and desert...

Mythical dives and others, unknown …

Our centres

Between Quseir and Port Ghalib (Marsa Alam), our diving centers offer you multiple activities: shore dives, drift dives in a zodiac, day boat trips, excursions to mythical sites such as Elphinstone… or simply dives on the superb reefs at the very foot of the 2 hotels in which we are located:

  • Rohanou Beach Resort with the canyons of Zerib Kebir Bay
  • On the Port Ghalib marina

Whether you are a beginner, experienced, professional diver, alone, in a group or with family, come and share our passion. Being between the two airports, we can provide transfers from Marsa Alam and Hurghada.

An exceptional dive is much more than a safe dive on a magnificent site. Indeed, before and after diving, many parameters influence the pleasure and quality of your dive.

Have you already asked yourself the following questions?

  • Nobody seems to be available to greet me, where do I go?
  • How can we dive together while we have children?
  • Should I pay for excess baggage or can I trust in the rental equipment?
  • What will the actual amount be of the invoice at the end of my diving experience?
  • Is the check-dive really necessary at the beginning of the holidays?
  • Will my gear be stored safely?

There is an endless list of all these questions that creates stress before your first dive.

Wonderful Dive wants to get rid of all these concerns so that you can fully enjoy your dive. Do not wait to discover our website with everything what we will do for you.

The dive

Rohanou’s house reef is considered one of the best spots on the coast.Some of our regular customers have done more than 300 dives and do not get tired of it.

They said…

A magnificent fall!
Great stay in October 2021. A magnificent drop off at the foot of the Rohanou hotel with many depths for the whole family. Team as professional as it is friendly. So we passed 4 diplomas there: 1 advanced and 3 deep water. ​
Stéphane C.

Excellent stay to redo as soon as possible.
Dive center on a human scale. Here it’s not the factory, the staff is at your service. They are helpful, attentive, available. I have rarely seen this availability in a dive center.
The dives are carried out at the foot of the center, at the end of a pontoon where your block is located, you equip and unequip on the spot! The unlimited dives formula from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.: what could be better? Favorite for Nemo City. Stay to redo as soon as possible!

Jean-Philippe P

Magnificent dives nearby, even at the edge!
They are PADI CMAS… Super friendly and very very nice guides for advice and above all OUR SAFETY. I’m going back there next year. Especially since we were staying at AKASSIA SWISS CALIMERA and it is an excellent compromise for Non-diver and diver.

Patricia T

Perfect stay at Wonderful Dive Marsa Alam!
Landing of SAS CAMBRAI for a fantastic week! Everything was perfect, both in terms of reception and diving! Very nice club. Legit hotel. Formula proposed very broad and adequate for all. A big congratulations to the whole team of the club and the hotel!
Veronique B

To be able to vary your dives.
Ideally located, on a coral reef. At the foot of the pontoon: coral garden and very varied and colorful fish. During the 10-day stay at the Hotel Rohanou, I enjoyed varying the dives from the pontoon, more distant thanks to the speedboat, or even much more distant aboard a dive boat reached after 1 hour by bus. The club’s instructors, very friendly and attentive, gave us advice and we were even able to do off-the-cuff training to be able to dive deeper. The Hotel is comfortable for divers, but I would have appreciated a little entertainment in the evening before or after dinner. An oriental dance evening for example!
Agathe C.

Our team

The specificities of our team

We are very demanding when selecting our team members. Obviously, we expect our staff to respect safety rules, to have the necessary experience and to be friendly. But this is not enough !

We expect each member of the team to have the right mindset to make a real difference in the eyes of each diver! We particularly emphasize team spirit and flexibility in serving customers.

We are a multicultural company and we want to contribute to the economic growth of the regions in which we operate. With equivalent qualifications, we therefore give priority to the recruitment of local staff. This allows us in particular to be able to count on staff with perfect knowledge of the local environment and local maritime conditions.

Thanks to this, we can introduce divers to the hidden wonders of the region while improving safety through perfect knowledge of sea conditions. For example, when recruiting members of our team who do not do not dive, we give preference to former fishermen of the region.

In order to constantly improve the quality of our team, we offer the most deserving of our employees career development opportunities through training.

We are convinced that you will appreciate the fact that our team really makes a difference! Do not hesitate to give us feedback that will allow us to improve even further.

“A dedicated team, at your service.”

Superior customer-oriented service

We want to provide superior service to each of our customers.

Upon your arrival you will be personally greeted at our Welcome Desk. It is permanently open and you are welcome at any time during your stay.


First, we will take a guided tour of our facilities and we will take the time to properly explain the organization of our activities.

Our customer service far exceeds the time spent underwater. For example, we believe that well-organized dry rooms or clean and functional toilets and showers are essential to the success of your stay.

The managers of our dive centers are all shareholders of our company and they will personally assure you an outstanding quality service during your stay.

Feel free to contact them to let them know your wishes, your comments or suggestions.

“Your feedback is indeed the key to our success because it helps us raise the bar ever higher.”


Wonderful Dive takes action !

More and more people and diving centers are talking about environmental protection.

Wonderful Dive takes action !

Each dive center Wonderful Dive takes specific actions in favor of the environment and encourages you to do the same. The dive sites preservation is indeed a major responsibility for all divers. For instance, we regularly offer the opportunity to participate in a reduced price «Environmental Dive». Garbage and plastics will be removed from our beautiful reefs and collected during this dive.

Wonderful Dive takes action!

Wonderful Dive Port Ghalib | Marina Resort

Port Ghalib

Wonderful Dive | El Quseir | Rohanou Hotel

El Quseir

Contact us ?

Wonderful DiveEl Quseir

c/o Rohanou Beach Resort
10 km sud d’ El Quseir
Mer Rouge, Egypte.
Phone: +2/ 0120 54 44 491
E-mail: rohanou@wonderful-dive.com

Wonderful DivePort Ghalib

c/o Marina Resort
Port Ghalib (Marsa Alam)
Mer Rouge, Egypte.
Phone: +2/ 0120 54 44 492
E-mail: pg@wonderful-dive.com