Our team

The specificities of our team

We are very demanding when selecting members of our team. Obviously, we expect that our staff members respect the safety rules, have the necessary experience and are friendly. But this is not enough !

We expect from each team member that he demonstrates the right mindset to make a real difference in the eyes of every diver !

Particular emphasis is placed on teamwork and the flexibility to serve customers.

We are a multicultural society and we want to contribute to the economic development of the regions where we operate. Therefore in case of equivalent qualifications, we give priority to hiring local staff. This allows us to employ staff with a perfect knowledge of the local environment and local sea conditions.

Thanks to this divers can discover the hidden wonders in the region while safety is improved through a thorough knowledge of the conditions of the sea. For example, even when recruiting team members who not dive, we give preference to former fishermen in the region.

To continuously improve the quality of our team, we offer the most deserving of our employees opportunities for career development through training.

We’re sure you’ll appreciate the fact that our team really makes a difference ! Feel free to give us feedback that will allow us to further improve.

“High level of excellence”