House reef dives

We are extremely lucky to have an extraordinary housereef in front of the beach. The bay of Zereb Kebeir is indeed one of the most famous sites in the Marsa alma / Quseir area.

Located south of El Quseir, this site is very well protected. Whatever the weather conditions, you can dive or snorkel there.

The site begins with a shallow bay. Going south, you will find many canyons and caves. On the north side there is a beautiful coral garden.

The site is accessible to divers of all levels and deserves more than a visit.

The housereef is very large and includes 5 areas:

The dive towards the north (departure and return pontoon): it is a drop-off
Nemo City: located at the far north of the housereef, you have to get there by zodiac with a return drift dive. This is a large area covered with anemones (clown fish nursery) located between 27m and 40m. It is therefore the only dive on the housereef that requires you to be at least PE40.
The larger, deeper blocks in the extension of the bay
South side of the pontoon: the bay and the first small canyons
Further south (southern slope of the bay): the large canyons and caves. To see them all, you have to go to the far south by zodiac and return by diving towards the pontoon. Essential guide the first time for orientation.

“Our house reef deserves more than just a visit … Come and discover our” secrets of the Red Sea! “