Dive sites

We have a magnificent beach: Here you can dive from the shore all year round!

The reef is located in the extension of our beach, opposite the diving center. Very easy to launch on foot from the beach.

We are the only center in Port Ghalib that can use a speedboat on the housereef, which allows drift dives all along this magnificent one km long reef.

The drop-off is covered with hard coral and soft coral, and allows easy dives in the 20/30 meter zone. You will find reef fauna there, and also remember to look into the blue because you will regularly see eagle rays, turtles, wrasses, trevally, barracudas and occasionally dolphins.

“Magnificent dives to do all year round”

“Dives on our housereef of course, but also on other magnificent sites accessible by jeep or boat. »

We also offer many activities and excursions that allow you to arrange your stay according to your desires.

Once you have arrived at the dive center and after you have visited the facilities, we will present you various possible activities, the various dive sites that fit to your diving level, and the schedule of the current week.

The dive site you have dreamed of doing is not on the schedule? Come and tell us about it and we will see together if it is possible to organize it for you.

Shore dives with Jeep and Minibus


Departure in the morning from the center with jeep and minibus for shore dives. Usually you are back for lunch, after 2 dives which can be on 2 different sites. In the afternoon, it is therefore possible to dive back onto the housereef.

Are you accompanied by non-divers? Some sites are suitable for snorkeling (PMT).

Some diving sites

Zereb Kebir Bay & canyons

The specificity of Zereb Kebir is its spectacular network of canyons and caves. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful shore dives possible in southern Egypt.


You can dive here in almost any weather condition as the entrance is via a pontoon in a small bay. To the north, a beautiful plateau at 12 meters, where you often find an octopus. To the south, small blocks with beautiful corals and salad coral can be observed.

Abu Dabbab Beach

Map and description to come.

The cave

Here you can only dive under good weather conditions. The entrance leads through a breathtaking canyon system for about 10 minutes. Outside are a few beautiful blocks with cleaning stations with wrasses and cleaner shrimps.

Our boat as daily

We organize boat trips every day for 2 dives. These are full days with meals and drinks on board. Different dive sites are offered throughout the week. Most boat trips are also possible for snorkeling.

Some diving sites


The famous dive spot on the Red Sea was also named Shaab Abu Hamra. The reef is over 400m long and has two breathtaking plateaus, one on the north side and the other on the south side. The place is ideal to meet big, especially longfin sharks, Hammerhead Shark, Ray, Napoleon and giant Barracudas.

This dive is sometimes difficult due to strong currents, it is accessible only to divers having at least the Advanced (2*) level, more than 50 registered dives, and having already performed the “Check dive” on the housereef.

This trip is only accessible to divers as snorkeling is not possible.

Marsa Imbarak

Beautiful coral blocks in shallow water, at maximum 15 meters depth, in the south side. There is a sea grass area in the bay. Beautiful coral blocks and a nice reef with amazing underwater world. At the spot, you can see Turtles, Eagle Rays and with a little luck a Dugong in the sea grass.

Abu Saiel

Departing from Port Ghalib, and after 65 minutes of navigation, the diving site is perfect for snorkeling and diving. The site is made up of blocks, covered with magnificent soft and hard corals. Often you can find white tip reef shark.

Abu Dabbab 2 & 3

The boat starts from Port Ghalib and will sail 120 minutes to the south. This dive site is perfect for snorkeling and diving. This full day trip will give you enough time to explore the reef. The reef is full of marine life and the reef consist of different soft and hard corals. In shallow water, you can find an old wreck that is covered in soft coral. There is also a canyon to explore.


Abu Dabbab 1

There are a variety of different dive profiles within this large site. This site features spectacular hard coral reef formation and the opportunity to enter shallow canyons in the reef.

Sharm Trombi

A small bay interrupts the fringing reef at Sharm Trombi. Hard corals developed undisturbed and formed a fantastic underwater location. The sandy bottom is covered from 5 until 30 meters with wonderful corals. Morays, turtles and eagle rays can be found.

Ras Trombi

 “Ras“ means head and the reef looks like a head rising into the water. Around this „head” you can find many small coral boulders. There are also some canyons, which you can explore. You can find morays, turtles, eagle rays and snappers.

El Khorafi

The Boat will start from Port Ghalib and will sail 25 minutes to the north. It´s an easy dive perfect for all divers. The dive site consists of a long reef and beautiful corals. Often you can see eagle rays, turtles and a white tip reef shark.

Halg Suliman

“Suliman Throat“ – a cut in the reef which doesn´t reach the shore. This dive site offers 2 different dive profiles. In the small lagoon, you can sometimes find spinner dolphins.

Marsa Shouna

Shouna“ means storage basin. The bay has been used for that purpose in the past. Beautiful coral blocks and a reef with mazing underwater world. Here you can see turtles, eagle rays and with a little luck a Dugong in the sea grass.

Sharm Shouni

Sharm Shouni is a narrow bay, 1 hour in the south from Port Ghalib. This dive site provides access to 3 different dives. The reef consist of an amazing coral garden with table corals. You can find a white tip reef shark, turtles and crocodile fish.

Far away trips


These are also boat trips but departing from another port (we organize the transfer).

Some diving sites

Dolphin House

Here you can enjoy two nice dives – one with the zodiac to a coral garden with beautiful coral blocks and lots of colorful fish. The second dive leads through a canyon. There is a great chance to see dolphins.

Shaab Marsa Alam

This is a small bay where there is a good chance to encounter dolphins.

The first dive leads to a coral garden with beautiful blocks of corals and an abundance of fish. The second dive starts through a canyon before you reach a small wreck.

This excursion is accessible to non-divers as there is possibility of snorkeling.