Comme nous le savons tous, la sécurité est une composante essentielle de la plongée. Nos centres sont bien évidemment équipés de tout le matériel de sécurité nécessaire.

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Risk analysis

You will find a risk analysis of each dive site inside the dive center reception. Based on this analysis, each dive trip’s registration form mentions the pre-requisites (certification level, experience) to take part in the trip.

Do not feel offended if your level or your experience are considered insufficient to participate in a specific dive. Indeed, it’s for your own safety. Moreover it is likely that you would not have had fun during this too difficult dive.

Dive insurance

A specific diving insurance is not legally required to dive in Egypt. However we strongly recommend you to have such insurance. While here you can subscribe to a short-term “decompression chamber” insurance for only 6 Euros per week. For your information, the decompression chamber is located less than an hour drive from our dive center.

Medical certificate

Before participating in our activities, you must complete and sign the PADI medical declaration. This shows a list of contraindications to diving. If you are affected by a contraindication or when in doubt, you must provide a medical certificate dated within one year, which states that you can practice scuba diving.

Check dive

Your stay will start with a check dive. The purpose of the check dive is:

• To discover the local diving conditions.

• To adjust your weights (the Red Sea is much saltier than average, which strongly affects the ballast needed).

• To check your ease underwater through some simple exercises (mask clearance, regulator recovery).

These exercises take only a few minutes and, after being successful, you make a normal dive.

As safety is essential for us the check dive is simply invoiced as a normal dive. Indeed we do not charge any additional cost for the presence of your accompanying divemaster.


To be able to dive independently, you must have at least 25 dives logged in your log book. Otherwise you can only participate in guided dives with a divemaster. Do not be frustrated, so is your security and moreover our divemaster will be happy to show you the secret corners of the dive sites.


At any time depending on the weather and sea conditions, we may need to modify the program of the day for your safety.


Never forget that no one can “guarantee” your safety. Each scuba diver is responsible to define his diving parameters within the limits and to respect them. We reserve the right to exclude from our activities anyone that would be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or any diver who knowingly violates safety rules.

So that we can continuously improve the safety of all, please notify us immediately any breach of safety standards or risk that you would have recognized.